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Adding vSphere

P2000-with-vSphere Initial iSCSI setup of the ESX/ESXi servers Networking for the software initiator Before SAN connectivity can be established a specific network configuration must be in place. To correctly enable connectivity, two VMkernel ports must be created and each configured to use a separate vmnic port. As a best practice, the VMkernel networks for iSCSI […]

Binding All NIC And iSCSI Port Pairs To a Single vSwitch

In an iSCSI setup (software initiator or HBA), if your host has more than one pNIC, there are two types of configuration you can build. First one a two vSwitches type of configuration where you have a separate vSwitch for each network adapter and VMKernel iSCSI port pair in a 1:1 mapping as shown on the picture below, The […]

VMware ESX VM Resurrection from flat.vmdk file

Recreating a missing .vmdk descriptor file on ESX. Access the ESX command line and navigate to the virtual disk (you can use putty) list the file in Virtual Machines directory: [root@esx03 ONLINEBACKUP]# ls -ltr *.vmdk you should see something like -rw——- 1 root root 107374182400 Jul 19 07:32 ONLINEBACKUP-flat.vmdk [root@esx03 ONLINEBACKUP]# less *.vmx | grep -i virtualdev […]

VMWare Fusion Change vmnet1 IP address

You can change ip address using ifconfig command itself. You can use Terminal. you will need permission to change the IP, use su Shirajs-MacBook-Pro:~ shiraj$ su Password: sh-3.2# To set IP address, enter command: # ifconfig vmnet1 netmask up # ifconfig vmnet1   you can change the /Library/Application Support/VMWare Fusion/vmnet1/dhcpd.conf and have […]

Recover config vmdk file

You can copy a xxxx.vmdk file from another vmdk. Then edit it, and make sure it points at the correct xxxx-flat.vmdk. You should also make sure the “# Extent description” is correct. If you run “stat xxxx-flat.vmdk” it will tell you how many cylanders example # stat xxxx-flat.vmdk File: `xxxx-flat.vmdk’ Size: 8589934592 Blocks: 19777219 IO […]

P2V (virtualise) Linux box with VMware Converter

For those you who are looking for the comprehensive details steps of how to P2V a linux box with VMware Converter. Pre-requisites: Have the Linux installation Boot CD1 handy. You should purchase VMware Converter Enterprise license. 1. Download VMware Converter Enterprise latest version and burn it to the CD. I used version 3.0.2 update 1. […]