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VPN Does Not Connect When Using Virgin Media SuperHub

When setting up a VPN, you can run into problems with VPN pass through. If you are using a Virgin Media SuperHub you have the added challenge that is by default, your speedy SuperHub will block outgoing VPN traffic meaning that with all the correct details it just doesn’t work. To fix this, just follow […]

How to Configure NAT on Cisco router

This brief tutorial will show you how to configure NAT overload or how to enable Internet access to multiple PCs of your LAN using only one public IP address. This type of NAT can easily be used at home when you have a Cisco 800 series xDSL router. The first step is to define the […]

Connect a Cisco 837 router to BT ADSL

Connect a Cisco 837 router to BT ADSL Summary: A guide to setting up a Cisco 837 ADSL router to work with a ADSL Broadband service over a BT line. Examples of broadband services where this works are BT Broadband , Eclipse Broadband or NewNet Broadband and most ADSL over BT lines. Be careful when […]