Linux / ESX – Commands

Change to Graphical User Mode from Text
Login as root and type startx, if that doesnt work try Xconfigurator and follow the prompts.


Move back: cd /
cd volumes/
virtual filesystem: cd /vmfs
copy file = cp
copy file to directory shiraj: cp filename /home/shiraj

df -h = listfile, show size of disk, and available

du -hs = show disk size

du = directory list expanded


mv to rename filename test to test.bak: mv test test.bak

File Attribute and permission:
List: ls, ls /home, ls -alF
list folder with: ls -alF drwxr-xr-x 4 root wheel 136 29 Sep 2006 xgrid/

drwxr -xr -x : d is for directory, rwx = user permission, r -x= group permission, r -x=all

Changeing Permission:
change file write permission for all: chmod a+w filename
change group: chgrp
change owner: chown w=write, g=group, u=user, x=all

fdisk -l – this will display list of drives.

edit or view file test.cfg: vi test.cfg
insert to start editing: i
to out of edit mode: esc
close (semicolon): :
close quit yes: :q!
write save quite and yes: :wq!
to check large log file name test: tail
test last 30 line of filename test: tail -30 test

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