Upgrading Windows 2000 DC to 2003

Inventory the domain controllers that are in the domain and in the forest

331161 Hotfixes to install before you run adprep /Forestprep on a Windows 2000 domain controller to prepare the Forest and domains for the addition of Windows Server 2003-based domain controllers

Use Dcdiag.exe from the support tools to verify that all the domain controllers have shared Netlogon and Sysvol shares. To do so, type the following command at a command prompt:

DCDIAG.EXE /e /test:frssysvol
The DCDIAG /test:FSMOCHECK command can be used to view forest-wide and domain-wide operational roles.
Verify that the schema master and each infrastructure master has performed inbound replication of Active Directory since last booted. Inbound replication can be verified by using the REPADMIN /SHOWREPS DCNAME command, where DCNAME is the NetBIOS computer name or the fully qualified computer name of a domain controller.
EventLog Review
Examine the event logs on all the domain controllers for problematic events. The event logs must not contain serious event messages that indicate a problem with any of the following processes and components:
physical connectivity
network connectivity
name registration
name resolution
Group Policy
security policy
disk subsystem
replication engine
Disk Space Inventory
DNS Scavenging (Optional)
Enable DNS Scavenging at 7-day intervals for all DNS servers in the forest.
Disable the DLT Server Service (Optional)

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