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Transferring the FSMO Roles via Ntdsutil

To transfer the FSMO roles by using the Ntdsutil utility, follow these steps: These steps works for transferring roles from Windows Server 2008 to Windows Server 2012. Log on to a Windows 2000 Server-based or Windows Server 2003-based member computer or domain controller that is located in the forest where FSMO roles are being transferred. […]

Preparing your Active Directory for Exchange 2007

When implementing Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 in your Active Directory you had to perform an setup /ForestPrep and setup /DomainPrep. With Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 things get a little more complicating since you now have to perform four steps: setup /PrepareLegacyExchangePermissions setup /PrepareSchema setup /PrepareAD setup /PrepareDomain or setup /PrepareAllDomains The last two steps bear […]

ARP cache in windows

To flush/Delete the ARP cache in windows Vista/XP/2003/2000 follow this procedure Click on Start—>Run—> type the following command click ok netsh interface ip delete arpcache Dynamic ARP cache entries update persist for 2-20 minutes depending on the system. Windows 2003 Server = 10 minutes Windows 2000 professional/Server = 10 minutes Windows XP = 2 minutes […]

Linux Network commands

My friend wanted to know how to change or convert DHCP network configuration to static configuration. After initial installation, he wanted to change network settings. Further, his system is w/o GUI system aka X Windows. Here is quick way to accomplish the same: Your main network configuration file is /etc/network/interfaces Desired new sample settings: => […]