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Setup Exchange Outlook anywhere or RPC/HTTP S

To use the Exchange Management Shell to configure an external host name for Outlook Anywhere set-OutlookAnywhere -Server:’CAS01′ -ExternalHostName:’’ Procedure Exchange 2007 SP1 To use the Exchange Management Shell to configure the authentication method to be the same for both the /rpc virtual directory in IIS and Outlook 2007 Set-OutlookAnywhere -Name Server01 -DefaultAuthenticationMethod <Basic or NTLM> […]

Exchange 2003 with iPhone

Exchange 2003 with iPhone Things to remember: Exchange is SP2 is minimum requirement and install all latest patch is recommended. Microsoft Exchange 2003 has Service Pack 2 Installed I would also install .Net framework 3.5 or above as well, as we are dealing with IIS and website. Test IIS (Internet Information Server) components for proper […]

Cisco IOS Upgrade

There are some nasty, nasty SNMP vulnerabilities that have recently been revealed. Many different products are affected. See the CERT Advisory Here. This inspired us to upgrade our Cisco. To upgrade the IOS on your Cisco router, you have a couple of options. You can either upgrade via TFTP, or you can use the console. […]