How to install the Remote Agent for MacIntosh Servers (RAMS)

Check the version of the Macintosh server before proceeding with the installation of the agent. The same can be checked using the following commands.

‘sw_vers’ will display the Mac version.
‘uname -a’ will display the kernel version.
Please confirm that the version is supported by comparing the same with the Software Compatibility List for Backup Exec. The following is the link to the Software Compatibility List for BEWS 12.5
1. Once the version has been confirmed as supported login to the MAC server as ‘root’. If ‘root’ password is not available, use the server admin account.

2. Create a directory on the “/” directory called “rams”.

3. Copy the installer files of RAMS (e.g. BEWS_12.1364_LINUX-UNIX-MAC_AGENTS.tar.gz) to the rams directory on Macintosh system. The installer files can be obtained from

4. Change the permissions to Full Access using command: chmod 777 BEWS_12.1364_LINUX-UNIX-MAC_AGENTS.tar.gz.

5. Extract the installer files using command: tar -zxvf BEWS_12.1364_LINUX-UNIX-MAC_AGENTS.tar.gz.

Note: Do not extract the RAMS installer files on a Windows system and copy the resulting files to the MAC.  Doing so will cause difficult to diagnose installation errors.  It is important to copy the .gz file to the Mac and extract it there.

6. When using the server admin account, use the “sudo” command to run the installation script.  If prompted for a password, enter the password for the server admin account.

Server Admin account : sudo ./installrams
Root account  : ./installrams

7. Make sure the MAC system name is correct because it will go through an Initial System Check.

8. A prompt will show for the installation of two Libraries: VRTSvxmsa and VRTSralus.

9. A scan will run to determine if the required space is available on the server.

10. Enter the IP Address (preferred method) or hostname of the Media Server.

11. The packages VRTSvxmsa and VRTSralus will install on the system.

12. RAMS is properly installed.

13. Check the Installation log location and start the Remote Agent Service.  When using the server admin account, use the sudo command here as well.  The command is sudo /Library/StartupItems/VRTSrams/VRTSrams start.

14. Make sure the Remote Agent for Macintosh Systems (RAMS) is started. Run the command: ps ax | grep beremote. Make sure you find the entry for the process running under /opt/VRTSralus/bin/beremote.

15. If the agent fails to start refer the following document to enable debugging for RAMS to diagnose the service startup failure.

16. Now, go to the Backup Exec console and expand the Macintosh Systems under Favorite Resources of Backup selections.  Select the MAC server and a prompt for logon credentials will show.  Click on New, create a Logon Account for MAC system with the server admin username and password.

17. Confirm that the MAC Selections can be expanded and selected in the backup selections window.

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