OS X Lion Upgrade made Internet running slow

I installed the Mac OS X Lion from the App Store this morning and after cannot connect to internet or internet is running very very slowww. after reading theĀ variesĀ forum some people suggesting rebooting fixed the issue, or changing the DNS address to open DNS or disconnecting from wireless and reconnecting got them running but still not as fast as before the upgrade. I think the problem is with wireless only, as I have tested with Ethernet cable plugged in and all works fine.

I spent bit of time, I can see I can ping the external address with good speed but can’t browse the websites so it must be the DNS as it can’t be connection issue otherwise I will have slow response when pinging any external address. I changed my DNS from IPv4 to IPv6 DNS and bingo that solved my issue. So used mixed of IPv4 and IPv6 DNS i.e google DNS


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