Autodiscover for multiple domain without changing single SSL cert

When you have multiple domains configured for your users. You must redirect your autodiscover functionality to your primary SMTP domain. You can use these different methods:

How does Outlook/Entourage check for autodiscover functionality?

  1. Autodiscover check https://<smtpdomain>/Autodiscover/Autodiscover.xml.
  2. Autodiscover check https://autodiscover.<smtpdomain>/Autodiscover/Autodiscover.xml.
  3. Autodiscover check http://autodiscover.<smtpdomain>/Autodiscover/Autodiscover.xml.
  4. Autodiscover check for SRV lookup for _autodiscover._tcp.<smtpdomain>.


1. DNS SRV Record (Service record)

When you use a SRV record your clients must have update 939184 installed for office 2007 clients. (( ) Description of the update rollup for Outlook 2007: June 27, 2007). It’s included in Service pack 1.

In your srv record you can redirect your autodicover srv record from your subdomain to your primairy domain. To do this you don’t need difficult certificate constructions. One certificate for your primaire domain is needed.

How configure a SRV record to redirect:

If you are using Windows DNS, the steps to create an SRV Record are as follows:

  1. Open the DNS Management MMC snap-in.
  2. Expand Forward Lookup Zones.
  3. Locate and right-click the external DNS zone, and then click Other New Records.
  4. Click Service Location (SRV).
  5. Enter the parameters by using the required values.
  6. Click OK.

SRV record

1.  Service: _autodiscover

2.  Protocol: _tcp

3.  Port Number: 443

4.  Host: autodiscover.<primairy smtp domain>.


Redirect smtp domain to

Make a new srv record: with these settings: 0  0 443

Remember that it must end with the .

Check your settings with nslookup


Set type=all SRV service location:

 priority       = 0

weight         = 0

port           = 443

svr hostname   =  

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