Reset Juniper SSG firewall using pinhole on the device

Using the device status LEDs:
1. Locate the Reset (or Reset Config) pinhole on the device. Using a thin wire
(such as a straightened paperclip), push the pinhole button for four to six
The Status LED blinks red.
NOTE: If you do not follow the complete sequence, the reset process cancels without any
configuration change and the console message states that the erasure of the
configuration is aborted. The Status LED returns to blinking green. The device
generates SNMP and SYSLOG alerts to configured SNMP or SYSLOG trap hosts.Resetting the Device to Factory Defaults „ 41
Chapter 3: Configuring the Device
2. As soon as the Status LED blinks green, release the pinhole button and wait
two seconds.
3. The device now waits for the second reset, which confirms the operation.
Push the pinhole button again for four to six seconds until the device resets.
The system now resets and returns to the login prompt; the default login name
and password are both reset to netscreen.

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