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Howto Assign Multiple Public IP Addresses on Juniper SSG

Sharing Internet with Multiple public IP from same ISP: ISP Router running in bridge mode Juniper SSG5 eth0/0 doing ppoe to connect ADSL. ISP assign Public IP block as: Network range will be: Using /29 on 2 untrust interface will give you an error, IP overlapping. To use these IP on 2 untrust […]

Unlock Samsung phone

Download SuperOneClick Root and  XVI32 Hex Editor to open the file. Method  (Terminal App) download that on your get that on your phone – Open Terminal Emulator app – Grant Super-user access to application – The following commands will be executed in current opened application: Code: – su – cat /dev/block/bml5>/sdcard/bml5.img – exit (2x) – […]