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Moving Sage Accounts 2008 Data to network location

In C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Sage\Accounts\2008 you will fine a file called Company with no file extension. Open this file in notepad and you will see it contains the path to your data. You can then edit this path to point at your network drive. As always – take a backup of the Company file.

List Global Catalog Servers

Problem Description How do I find a list of Global Catalog Servers using nslookup? Resolution The following commands will list all Global Catalog Servers in your Active Directory domain: From the command prompt, type nslookup. C:\nslookup Set the type to server. >set type=srv Find the Global Catalog Server(s). >_gc._tcp.<DnsForestName> Example:  >_gc._tcp.“your” The results will include the […]