Outlook on a Mac Keeps asking for password

I have deleted/repaired keychain but nothing has worked.

It does save password for a few hours, but then forgets it.

For Exchange I┬áhad this problem and a few others – this is how I fixed it:

Take a note of exchange server settings in Outlook->Preference, select the account click advance.

Locate your account setup file here: ~/Library/Group Containers/xxxx.Office/Outlook/Outlook 15 Profiles/Main Profile/Data/Exchange Accounts/xx/
(the file will not have any extension)

Delete the file, then go back to outlook and type the exchange server setting. This worked for me.

How do you locate my account set up file? who may not be familiar with macs, this is what you do:

  1. Open outlook
  2. Change the server
  3. Quit outlook (as the auto discover can work at any time and you may lock the file in the wrong state)
  4. Click on Spotlight Search the hour glass in the top right hand corner
  5. Type in ~/Library/Group Containers/
  6. Go through the directories until you come to the last folder indicated above.
  7. The file will not have an extension but will end in “ExchangeAccount”
  8. Right click on the file
  9. Select “get Info”
  10. check the “Locked” box
  11. Open outlook

If you are prompted for a password, even though you know it is there and correct, maybe insert the server without the “https://” proceeding it, then repeat the steps above.

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