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C405 Set up scan to emailĀ 

So onto the printer side. Open the webpage to configure the device (Enhanced web Service, shortened from here on as EWS)

EWS > Connectivity > SMTP


Which will show you this (normally I would pre-fill this with your settings, but since I don’t know your settings because of your SMTP server not showing them on its website, I’m using GMAIL as my example.



1. Device Email and SMTP AUTH user name have to match

2. The 2 password boxes are pretty self-evident.

3. Validation Type absolutley needs to be set to On Device

4. SMTP server address is whatever Media Temple says to use from the link above, the port number too, and the Connection Security (maybe called Encryption) too.

Of course the SMTP server name can be the IP address or the hostname of the server, but to use the hostname, you have to make sure DNS is correct on the printer EWS > Connectivity > Ethernet > DNS > Edit


And if HTTPS is enabled on the printer, or SSL/TLS/STARTTLS is being used for Encryption, then the time must be correct to within 3 minutes EWS > System > Date& Time


If you set it up correctly and get odd faults (017-714 for instance, try updating the firmware, the launch firmware has issues with SHA-2), you can get theĀ latest firmware right here

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