Microsoft Product Name Changes

Occasionally, Microsoft renames products and services to clarify their purpose, apply a consistent brand, or combine them into a single offering.

Below is a list of recent product name changes that are part of (or are related to) Microsoft 365. Each entry has a link to the announcement, a link to the official product page, and the announcement date or date that the rename took effect.

Previous nameNew nameDate
Microsoft Endpoint ManagerMicrosoft Intune product familyOctober 2022
Microsoft Endpoint Configuration ManagerMicrosoft Configuration ManagerOctober 2022
Microsoft Defender Threat & Vulnerability ManagementMicrosoft Defender Vulnerability ManagementMay 2022
Microsoft 365 Basic AuditMicrosoft Purview Audit (Standard)April 2022
Microsoft 365 Advanced AuditMicrosoft Purview Audit (Premium)April 2022
Microsoft 365 Communication ComplianceMicrosoft Purview Communication ComplianceApril 2022
Microsoft Compliance ManagerMicrosoft Purview Compliance ManagerApril 2022
Office 365 Customer LockboxMicrosoft Purview Customer LockboxApril 2022
Azure Purview Data CatalogMicrosoft Purview Data CatalogApril 2022
Microsoft 365 Data ConnectorsMicrosoft Purview Data ConnectorsApril 2022
Microsoft Information GovernanceMicrosoft Purview Data Lifecycle ManagementApril 2022
Office 365 Data Loss PreventionMicrosoft Purview Data Loss PreventionApril 2022
Azure Purview Data MapMicrosoft Purview Data MapApril 2022
Double Key Encryption for Microsoft 365Microsoft Purview Double Key EncryptionApril 2022
Records Management in Microsoft 365Microsoft Purview Records ManagementApril 2022
Office 365 Core eDiscoveryMicrosoft Purview eDiscovery (Standard)April 2022
Office 365 Advanced eDiscoveryMicrosoft Purview eDiscovery (Premium)April 2022
Microsoft 365 Information BarriersMicrosoft Purview Information BarriersApril 2022
Microsoft Information ProtectionMicrosoft Purview Information ProtectionApril 2022
Microsoft 365 Insider Risk ManagementMicrosoft Purview Insider Risk ManagementApril 2022
Azure Purview portalMicrosoft Purview governance portalApril 2022
Microsoft 365 compliance centerMicrosoft Purview compliance portalApril 2022
Azure Purview Data InsightsMicrosoft Purview Data Estate InsightsApril 2022
Microsoft 365 Customer KeyMicrosoft Purview Customer KeyApril 2022
Privacy ManagementMicrosoft PrivaMarch 2022
Phone SystemTeams PhoneJanuary 2022
Azure Defender for IoTMicrosoft Defender for IoTNovember 2021
Azure DefenderMicrosoft Defender for CloudNovember 2021
Azure Security CenterMicrosoft Defender for CloudNovember 2021
Azure SentinelMicrosoft SentinelNovember 2021
Microsoft Cloud App SecurityMicrosoft Defender for Cloud AppsNovember 2021
Windows Virtual DesktopAzure Virtual DesktopJune 2021
Common Data ServiceDataverseNovember 2020
Azure Advanced Threat ProtectionMicrosoft Defender for IdentitySeptember 2020
Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat ProtectionMicrosoft Defender for EndpointSeptember 2020
Microsoft Threat ProtectionMicrosoft 365 DefenderSeptember 2020
Office 365 Advanced Threat ProtectionMicrosoft Defender for Office 365September 2020
Microsoft 365 BusinessMicrosoft 365 Business PremiumApril 2020
Microsoft 365 F1Microsoft 365 F3April 2020
Office 365 Business EssentialsMicrosoft 365 Business BasicApril 2020
Office 365 Business PremiumMicrosoft 365 Business StandardApril 2020
Office 365 F1Office 365 F3April 2020
Office 365 ProPlusMicrosoft 365 Apps for EnterpriseApril 2020
Office 365 BusinessMicrosoft 365 Apps for BusinessApril 2020
Microsoft FlowPower AutomateNovember 2019
System Center Config ManagerMicrosoft Endpoint Configuration ManagerNovember 2019
Office OnlineOffice for the WebJuly 2019

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