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Why Your Mac Runs Slower Than it Should

while searching for mac running slow I found a some info from┬ávarious sites Cluttered Desktop Having too many files and folders on your desktop can slowdown your machine. Put these files into folders in your home directory and create aliases to them on the desktop. Corrupt Preference Files Preference files can easily become corrupt and […]

Hacking Apple TV Take 2 Tutorial

Hacking Apple TV Take 2 Tutorial Here is a little tutorial on how to Hack your Apple tv, to run Boxee, XBMC and enable a external-hard-drive. This tutorial is an alternative to atvflash and is completely free! After you hacked you apple TV with this you can play the following video formats: – AVI, DivX, […]

Reset OS X Password Without an OS X CD

So you and your friends have a wild party and you wake up in the morning to realize someone has changed the admin password on your beloved mac and you can no longer access your computer. No problem, you can just pop in the OS X DVD that came with your computer and reset the […]