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Add Printer .bat

If RUNDLL32 just won’t do the job: Sometimes we need to do just alittle more than RUNDLL32 is capable of, like installing a TCP/IP printer port. In that case, consider buying yourself a copy of the Windows 2000 Server/Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit and use PRNADMIN.DLL and the accompanying sample scripts written in VBScript. My […]

Scripting Printer in Windows

in command prompt type: rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /? i.e C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /? this will show all the usable parameters, as below. PrintUI is the command to search. can be used on batch file and in login script. Usage: rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry [options] [@commandfile] /a[file] binary file name /b[name] base printer name /c[name] unc machine name […]

Clearing ARP table

Click on Start—>Run—> type the following command click ok netsh interface ip delete arpcache Dynamic ARP cache entries update persist for 2-20 minutes depending on the system. Windows 2003 Server = 10 minutes Windows 2000 professional/Server = 10 minutes Windows XP = 2 minutes Solaris = 5 minutes Delete IP address using arp command arp […]

How to reset password on 3Com switch 2948

From the 3Com knowledge base: ******************** Baseline Switch 2948 – How to reset password on switch 2948 Problem:      How to reset password on switch 2948 The resetting of the password requires the installation of a console cable to the console port. Be sure the terminal emulator program is set to VT-100 management using compatible, 38400 […]

resetting nvram pram on mac

Try starting while holding the Command-Option-Shift-Delete keys all at the same time and see if it will let you startup/install. Do you have any external drives you could install Tiger on first? If the above doesn’t work, try this: 1. Start Mac and hold Option-Command-O-F keys 2. When the grey screen gets loaded type reset-nvram […]