How to reset password on 3Com switch 2948

From the 3Com knowledge base:

Baseline Switch 2948 – How to reset password on switch 2948
Problem:      How to reset password on switch 2948

The resetting of the password requires the installation of a console cable to the console port.

Be sure the terminal emulator program is set to VT-100 management using compatible, 38400 baud rate, no parity, 8 data bits and Console connection one stop bit.

Use the included cable, or be sure that the pin-out complies with a standard null-modem cable

Once the cable is connected, reboot the switch.  Type a Ctrl/C until you enter the failsafe mode.  This will be denoted with the prompt: “CFE>”

At the prompt execute the following commands:
CFE> passwrd
CFE> reset -sysreset

At this point the password has been reset.

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  1. Luis says:

    Hello I have a baseline 2924 – PWR Plus and it didn’t work, could you help me please ?

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