how to install ipa files on an iPhone or iPod Touch OS2.1 and OS3.0?

So, how to install ipa files on an iPhone or iPod Touch OS2.1 and OS3.0?
Username: root
password for root: alpine
password for mobile: dottie
1. You need to be on jailbroken iPhone with Cydia installed. For this, you may use QuickPwn, PwnageTool, or WinPwn. See my tutorials for on how to jailbreak your iPhone or iPod Touch using any of these tools. (I installed Community source)
2. Install OpenSSH from Cydia on your iPhone. Click on Cydia and then click Install (Sections)>Networking>OpenSSH then click Install>Confirm (if you get a running out of disk space error click “ok”).
3. Log into WinSCP. (I used Fugu) The first time you try to login you may get a connection timeout error, click retry several times (up to 20 times!) and it should work. If you still get an error, reboot your iPod/iPhone and try again.
4. Navigate to /private/var/mobile/ folder
5. Set the permission of the Applications folder to 777 (make sure reclusive is checked).
———Note: You will only need to create these two Documents folders once for OS3 don’t need to ———
for OS3 Simply go to Cydia and add the following source: Then install the application called AppSync. This will patch your MobileInstallation file. Don’t need to do step 6-14.
6. Stay in the /private/var/mobile/ folder.
7. Create a folder called “Documents” in the /private/var/mobile/ folder. Make sure to spell “Documents” correctly, with a capital “D”.
8. Set the permission to 777.
9. Navigate to the root level and open the /Applications folder.
10. Create a folder called “Documents” inside the /Applications folder and set permission to 777.
11. Go to <root> /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/MobileInstallation.framework
12. Rename the file “MobileInstallation” to “MobileInstallation.bak”
13. Download this patched MobileInstallation file from HERE. Note that you have to download the patched file for the firmware you are running. ie. if you are running 2.1, you need the MobileInstallation 2.1 patched file.
14. Place the patched file into the /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/MobileInstallation.framework folder and set the permissions 775 for the patched MobileInstallation file. If there is some type of extension (ie .dylib), then you need to remove that extension.
15. Reboot your iPhone/iPod Touch
16. Download cracked api Games and Apps from Here.
17. Download at least one App from Apple App Store (Free or Paid). What I do is I download one app from the App Store using iTunes, then I sync my iPhone and reboot it. Then I download one app from the App Store on the iPhone and reboot the phone. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: Otherwise you will get an error! [Only need to do this once]
18. Drag and drop the .ipa file you downloaded into the iTunes Application library.
19. Sync your iPhone/iPod Touch and enjoy!

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