Fix For Outlook 2007 Constantly Asking for Password on Vista

If you are encountering problem where Outlook constantly asks you for your password even though you check the “Remember my password” box every single time, then you are in luck because this tip shows how to fix the problem.

This fix should theoretically help with Windows Mail as well, but I haven’t been able to verify that yet.

Before you do anything else, close Outlook. You should also note that we’ll be modifying system generated files here, so proceed with caution or not at all.

Open up windows explorer window and then paste the following text into the address bar, which should bring you to a folder with a single folder inside with a really long name.


just rename that folder to something else (I suggest appending -old)

Now re-open Outlook, and then type in your password hopefully for the last time, making sure to check the box to remember it. You should now see that the original folder was re-created again.

At this point Outlook should remember your passwords, but you can close Outlook and reopen it to make sure. If you encounter problems with this, you can remove the new folder and then rename the -old folder back to the original name to put everything back the way it was.

couple moe idea:

Check registry for:
Shell Folders\AppData” If the key is missing, you have to add a new registry key. Leave the Local AppData Key unaltered. You have to create a new Expandable String Value called “AppData” with the data value “%userprofile%\Application Data”. This solved the problem for me.

You can create a site to site VPN as last option if you are using on a Main office and Branch Office.

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