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Upgrading Windows 2000 DC to 2003

Inventory the domain controllers that are in the domain and in the forest 331161 Hotfixes to install before you run adprep /Forestprep on a Windows 2000 domain controller to prepare the Forest and domains for the addition of Windows Server 2003-based domain controllers Use Dcdiag.exe from the support tools to verify that all the […]

Reset OS X Password Without an OS X CD

So you and your friends have a wild party and you wake up in the morning to realize someone has changed the admin password on your beloved mac and you can no longer access your computer. No problem, you can just pop in the OS X DVD that came with your computer and reset the […]

Linux / ESX – Commands

Change to Graphical User Mode from Text Login as root and type startx, if that doesnt work try Xconfigurator and follow the prompts. Navigation: Move back: cd / cd volumes/ virtual filesystem: cd /vmfs copy file = cp copy file to directory shiraj: cp filename /home/shiraj df -h = listfile, show size of disk, and […]