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How to install the Remote Agent for MacIntosh Servers (RAMS) Check the version of the Macintosh server before proceeding with the installation of the agent. The same can be checked using the following commands. ‘sw_vers’ will display the Mac version. ‘uname -a’ will display the kernel version. Please confirm that the version is supported by comparing the same with the Software Compatibility List for […]

Hacking Apple TV Take 2 Tutorial

Hacking Apple TV Take 2 Tutorial Here is a little tutorial on how to Hack your Apple tv, to run Boxee, XBMC and enable a external-hard-drive. This tutorial is an alternative to atvflash and is completely free! After you hacked you apple TV with this you can play the following video formats: – AVI, DivX, […]

resetting nvram pram on mac

Try starting while holding the Command-Option-Shift-Delete keys all at the same time and see if it will let you startup/install. Do you have any external drives you could install Tiger on first? If the above doesn’t work, try this: 1. Start Mac and hold Option-Command-O-F keys 2. When the grey screen gets loaded type reset-nvram […]

P2V (virtualise) Linux box with VMware Converter

For those you who are looking for the comprehensive details steps of how to P2V a linux box with VMware Converter. Pre-requisites: Have the Linux installation Boot CD1 handy. You should purchase VMware Converter Enterprise license. 1. Download VMware Converter Enterprise latest version and burn it to the CD. I used version 3.0.2 update 1. […]

Linux Network commands

My friend wanted to know how to change or convert DHCP network configuration to static configuration. After initial installation, he wanted to change network settings. Further, his system is w/o GUI system aka X Windows. Here is quick way to accomplish the same: Your main network configuration file is /etc/network/interfaces Desired new sample settings: => […]

Linux / ESX – Commands

Change to Graphical User Mode from Text Login as root and type startx, if that doesnt work try Xconfigurator and follow the prompts. Navigation: Move back: cd / cd volumes/ virtual filesystem: cd /vmfs copy file = cp copy file to directory shiraj: cp filename /home/shiraj df -h = listfile, show size of disk, and […]