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Default settings for Exchange-related virtual directories in Exchange Server 2010

Exchange Server 2010 with the Client Access Server (standalone): Location Authentication SSL Setting Management Default Web Site Anonymous Required IIS Management Console aspnet_client Anonymous Required IIS Management Console Autodiscover Anonymous / Basic / Windows Authentication Required Exchange Management Shell ECP Anonymous / Basic Required Exchange Management Console or Shell EWS Anonymous / Windows Authentication Required […]

Uninstalling and manually installing VMware Tools

To uninstall VMware Tools in Windows XP: Click Start > Control Panel. Open Add/Remove Programs. From the list of installed software, select VMware Tools. Click Remove. When prompted, click Yes to restart Windows. Once restarted, open My Computer and navigate to C:\Program Files and remove the VMware folder if it exists. To uninstall VMware Tools […]

Windows Update not working

Step 1Click “Start,” type “Services” and press “Enter.” Step 2Scroll down to “Windows Update” in the Service window, right-click and select “Stop.” Step 3 Click “Start,” then “Computer.” Double-click “C:,” double-click “Windows” and double-click “SoftwareDistribution.” Step 4Right-click “Download,” click “Rename” and type “BakDownload.” Press “Enter.” Step 5Click “Start,” point to the arrow next to “Shut […]