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Recovering from Server 2008 CCR Cluster Failure with Forcequorum

Server 2003 and Server 2008 Cluster Models are different in the following ways: Server 2003 utilizes the Shared Quorum Model for Single Copy Clusters and utilizes Majority Node Set for Cluster Continuous Replication Clusters. Server 2008 utilizes Majority Node Set for both Single Copy Clusters and Cluster Continuous Replication Clusters.  When using Single Copy Clusters […]

Exchange 2010 Database Activation Coordination (DAC)

  Exchange 2010 introduced a vast amount of changes to the High Availability model with the addition of the Database Availability Group (DAG).  Some features of the DAG are having up to 16 members, automatic database *over to another site as long as you still have quorum, and much more.  Exchange also introduced Database Activation […]

Exchange 2010 Site Resilient DAGs and Majority Node Set Clustering – Part 1 I’ve talked about this topic in some of my other articles but wanted to create an article that talks specifically about this model and show several different examples in a Database Availability Group (DAG)’s tolerance for node and File Share Witness (FSW) failure.  Many people don’t properly understand how the Majority Node Set Clustering […]