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Juniper SRX Stuck in loader prompt

Insert a USB on a working SRX, then copy the partition Insert the USB on the broken SRX and boot from USB loader> nextbootPlatform: srx-tridenteUSBusbloader> nextboot usbSetting next boot dev usbloader> rebootResetting… To do so, use the command below: request system snapshot media internal slice alternateThe slice seems to be a hidden command; therefore, you would […]

Last Error: Message deferred by categorizer agent.

Exchange 2013 mail flow issue. It turned out to be the Malware agent causing the issue Once it is enabled and the Exchange transport service is restarted, all emails are stuck in the submission queue with “Last Error: Message deferred by categorizer agent.” Check the mail queue Get-Queue -Identity submission Get-Transport Agent will list all […]

Exchange ActiveSync iOS Device

Updated: May 2021 iOS devices unfortunately do not register with ActiveSync or other tools with a logical clear human-readable version number. Instead, they show up with strings like “Apple-iPhone3C1/902.206”   Obviously, this makes discovery and reporting difficult.  To help ourselves, and the community at large, we now maintain this list of hardware and iOS versions for […]

Python3 as a default python version on MacOS?

By default MacOS ships with Python-2.-. But, I guess most of us have long back started to work with Python-3 and it is very irritating to run python3 every time instead of python in terminal. Here is how to do this. Open the terminal (bash or zsh) whatever shell you are using. Install python-3 using Homebrew ( Look where […]

WTForms Install email validator for email validation support

PROBLEM bash-3.2$ export FLASK_APP=flaskblog.pybash-3.2$ flask runTraceback (most recent call last):File “/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.9/bin/flask”, line 8, insys.exit(main())File “/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.9/lib/python3.9/site-packages/flask/”, line 967, in main cli.main(args=sys.argv[1:], prog_name=”python -m flask” if as_module else None)File “/Users/shiraj/Documents/GitHub/Python/Flask_blog-complete/”, line 10, in RegistrationForm validators=[DataRequired(), Email()])File “/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.9/lib/python3.9/site-packages/wtforms/”, line 332, in initraise Exception(“Install ’email_validator’ for email validation support.”)Exception: Install ’email_validator’ for email validation support. SOLUTIONS bash-3.2$ pip install […]

Install Software via CLI (from Junos software copied to USB stick)

Follow these steps to install the software via the CLI from a USB stick: Download the Junos upgrade file to the USB stick.  Locate the USB device ID that Junos is associating to the USB stick:user@srx> start shell user@srx% ls /dev/ > /var/tmp/before_USB.txt Insert the USB device into the USB slot.  For example, slot 0 would return the following:root# umass0: […]

Enabling advanced CLI on HP v1950 Switches

<HPE>xtd-cli-modeAll commands can be displayed and executed in extended CLI mode. Switch to extended CLI mode? [Y/N] :YPassword: foes-bent-pile-atom-shipWarning: Extended CLI mode is intended for developers to test the system. Before using commands in extended CLI mode, contact the Technical Support and make sure you know the potential impact on the device and the network.

Email spoofing

The goal of email spoofing is to trick the user into thinking an email is from a known and trusted source. Spoofing is done through the manipulation of email elements that are visible to the recipient, primarily the “Body From” field. A spoofed email can be partial or full: Partial Spoof: A partial spoof occurs when […]

Email Headers:

Check like the forensic investigator. Email headers contain important information about the origin and path an email took before arriving at its final destination, including the sender’s IP address, internet service provider, email client, and even location. The information could be used to block future emails from the sender (in the case of spam) or […]